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Blister Packs


Dispill® is a multi-dose packaging solution that helps improve patients adherence to their medication regimen.  The Dispill® card eliminates the need for pillboxes and unit dose vials so the patient is at less risk of mixing up their medication. Our pharmacists at Prosperity Drug presort your pills and pack them in personal doses separated by day and time.  Call us to learn more or get started!

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Generally, yes! Since all of your medicines will be packaged together, we fill them at the same time, saving you trips to the pharmacy. (As needed medications and changes mid-cycle may require you to visit us more than once a month.)

Yes! However, in order to package these items, we will have to have a prescription from your healthcare provider.

Is this service expensive?

No! For just $7 a month, we pack your medications in as many cards as you require. There is NO extra charge for additional cards or for repacking your medications if they change mid-cycle. (The packing fee is in addition to any costs of the medications and/or copays.)

Just let us know! Bring your dosing card back to Prosperity Drug and we will update it for you at no charge.

No! Each dosing cup is perforated and can be removed easily from the package so you can take only what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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